The Birds in My Life
The Birds in My Life
Format / hardcover
Pages / 272
Dimensions / 28.8cm x 21.8cm
ISBN / 978-986-6895-14-2
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      Watching these colorful birds resting among the trees and flowers, singing their love for God, is such a soulful treat for busy folks residing in the urban jungle. Just by opening this book by Master Ching Hai, you will instantly enter a magical forest with talking birds and flowers.

     These twenty-three beautiful birds, nestling in Master's arms, have brought Her endless joy.  In fact, Inside these small creatures are very highly developed souls whose love knows no boundaries.  Master comments that She is so often moved by the words and actions of Her feathered babies.  They have even given Her many inspirations.
Because of this, Master personally penned these stories in an attempt to capture the thoughts of Her beloved feathered children.  Master has taken many of the pictures, written the stories, and done the editing and final proofreading work by Herself.

     Master says: "I wish we could all understand others like birds, and treat them as we would ourselves…Their companion and friends mean a lot to them, sometimes as life itself, their loyalty is so incredible!  They suffer loss and sorrow much like we do." "All who have birds should consider their feeling and have respect for their dignity and love."
     These two hundred seventy pages of wonderful pictures and stories will lead you to a world populated by beautiful birds and help you understand their lives, their deep emotions and thoughts.