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Aphorisms I
The light of Truth shines upon human hearts for eternity, liberating us from ignorance. Aphorisms is a collection of wisdom from Supreme Master Ching Hai in response to spirtual questions from Her disciples, Truth seekers and the general public. Its words of supreme wisdom, ..(more)
Aphorisms II
The 2nd volume of Aphorisms (pocket size) is compiled from the lectures Supreme Master Ching Hai gave over the years. It covers many topics, including spiritual practice, philosophy, worldly duties, and liberation. Its simple words shine with wisdom and ..(more)
Celestial Art
Celestial Artis a distinguished volume in which the author interprets artistic creation from a spiritual perspective to reflect Truth, virtue, and the beauty of Heaven. As readers are invited into the boundless world of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s art and ..(more)
Coloring Our Lives
Coloring Our Lives is a selection of Supreme Master Ching Hai's answers to questions and concerns that often preoccupy spiritual practitioners. The volume holds readers enthralled as it explores topics such as human existence, science, spiritual practice, marriage and ..(more)
From Crisis to Peace - The Organic Vegan Way is the Answer
God Takes Care Of Everything
This colorful volume contains twenty of Supreme Master Ching Hai's inspiring stories that are presented in the form of lively and amusing comic strips suitable for all ages. Each story expresses profound themes of great educational value that will touch readers' hearts and ..(more)
God's Direct Contact - The Way To Reach Peace
To our revered spiritual Teacher, The Supreme Master Ching Hai, we sincerely dedicate this book, which contains excerpts from Her 1999 European Lecture Tour. During that great journey, which included 18 stops in 40 days, a powerful message for the world, “God's ..(more)
I Have Come to Take You Home
The higher a seagull flies, the further it can see; the higher a person stands, the broader is his view. The more we understand our inner nature, the fewer obstacles we have. Within our lifetime, more or less we will want to explore riddles like:"Where do I come from?", "Why ..(more)
Love Is The Only Solution
Preface Love is The Only Solution “Love is the greatest thing in life and the greatest thing in the entire universe. But most people nowadays are lacking that love. Humanity must show more love than before. We must love even our enemies, our ..(more)
Loving the Silent Tears: The Musical ( 1 ) ( Complete Book and Lyrics )
Loving the Silent Tears: The Musical ( 2 ) ( Sheet Music and Poems )
Loving the Silent Tears: The Musical (booklet)
Master Tells Stories
The Stubborn Servants Supreme Master Ching Hai successfully blends spiritual cultivation into daily life, transcending rigid doctrines to tell spiritual stories carefully selected from diverse materials published in various languages from countries around the ..(more)
Mission on the blue water planet
Of God and Humans -- Insights from Bible Stories
This special anthology includes thirteen Bible narratives, uniquely retold by Master on various occasions. What types of spiritual messages do Bible stories reveal to readers? In which ways are these revelations relevant to modern people's lives? In this book, the ..(more)