God's Direct Contact - The Way To Reach Peace
God's Direct Contact - The Way To Reach Peace
Format / Hardcover
Pages / 312
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To our revered spiritual Teacher, The Supreme Master Ching Hai, we sincerely dedicate this book, which contains excerpts from Her 1999 European Lecture Tour.
During that great journey, which included 18 stops in 40 days, a powerful message for the world, “God's Direct Contact - See God While Living,” illuminated many hearts seeking answers at the turbulent end of the last century.
Many also experienced great renewal while appreciating these enlightened talks through every possible medium. Requests to have a collection of talks from the Tour finally led to the publication of this book. Since one volume can only contain a certain number of pages, we had to select various topics from the many in Master's 18 lectures. (It was extremely difficult to choose, for every word of Master is important and precious.)