The Dogs in My Life (1) (2)
The Dogs in My Life (1) (2)
Format / hardcover
Pages / 246
Dimensions / 29 cm x 21.5 cm x 2.1 cm
ISBN / 978- 986-6895-07-4
Format / Hardcover
Pages / 254
Dimensions / 29 cm x 21.5 cm x 2.1 cm
ISBN / 978- 986-6895-07-4
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     We have very good news to share with everyone! The latest publication from Master, The Dogs in My Life, has just been released! This book comes in a two-part set over 500 pages long. It is a fabulous real-life Doggy Tale Master published for her canine companions. Master has been personally compiling these touching dog tales since she began adopting them, one after another, in 2001. Before this retreat, Master spent a great deal of time compiling, and selecting hundreds of photos for the first public release of this book set. Master has a very close relationship with these dogs so in addition to content, editing, design, layout, and writing poetic captions, she was even the photographer!
     This book provides a complete record of how Master rescued these dogs from shelters and saved them from termination. It was a miraculous journey for these dogs in their rebirth through Master’s divine compassion.
     This is a book full of love and warmth. Love is completely revealed on every single page. We can see how master bathed, walked, fed, hugged, sung songs to, watched TV with, told bedtime stories to, and shared moments of closeness with her dogs. Master has been personally collecting these precious, intimate photos since 2001 and through this book set, they are being released for the public to enjoy for the very first time. 
     Master said that it was actually the dogs who gave her the inspiration to write this book. The words used in this book are very cute and innocent just like Benny, Happy, and Goody are talking right to us. Happy told us “life is like a song,” and Hermit seriously thought about what kind of career he should choose. Pomas tells everyone how master healed his internal and external scars. 
     In this book set, we can see how Happy and Lucky cry with Master when she is emotionally low. The whole night they stayed by her side and did not want to leave. After experiences like these, we realize how sentimental these sentient beings are. Master’s ten dogs all promised that Master is their only guide and to be her guard their whole lives. This truly moved Master. To see their directness and braveness in expressing their love, humans will feel their inadequacy in this area. Master said that if we love God like her doggies love her, we would obtain the Kingdom of God immediately! Master said that after reading this book, we can better understand that the dogs living with us on this Earth are such noble beings. And thus, we would respect other sentient beings even more.

     At last, we sincerely hope that people on Earth and animals can become true friends and hold hands (or paws) entering the Golden Age!