Coloring Our Lives
Coloring Our Lives
Format / Hardcover
Pages / 287
Dimensions / 13cm x 19 cm
ISBN / 957-28245-7-0
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Coloring Our Lives is a selection of Supreme Master Ching Hai's answers to questions and concerns that often preoccupy spiritual practitioners. The volume holds readers enthralled as it explores topics such as human existence, science, spiritual practice, marriage and education. In our journey through life's disputes and turbulence, Master's new book provides excellent guidance in creating a Pure Land on Earth.

On the subject of fashioning varied and interesting lives for ourselves and our loved ones, the Supreme Master says, "While making good use of every minute of our time to lead a fulfilled, positive, happy life in the process of learning, we can also use the very lively, animated and joyous spirit derived from spiritual practice to color our lives!" Through this book, readers learn ways to beautify their lives and become intelligent, talented "artists of life" capable of taking care of both family and spiritual practice, and thus living a sumptuous, colorful, and fulfilled existence on Earth.

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