Aphorisms II
Aphorisms II
Format / Hardcover
Pages / 132
Dimensions / 13.9cm x 13.9cm
ISBN / 978-986-6895-65-4
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The 2nd volume of Aphorisms (pocket size) is compiled from the lectures Supreme Master Ching Hai gave over the years.  It covers many topics, including spiritual practice, philosophy, worldly duties, and liberation.  Its simple words shine with wisdom and touch the very source of our being, bringing us enlightenment and heavenly bliss.  

When you read it carefully, you will feel as if your body, mind, and soul were cleansed by the purifying water which eliminates all of your worldly worries; and its words brings rays of hope of a bright future into your life. The book contains many precious pictures of Supreme Master Ching Hai and beautiful illustrations.  The book provides rare nectar for the soul that can accompany us on our life's journey and encourage us to persevere in all seasons of our spiritual practice.  The Aphorisms is both a precious collection which one can keep for life and a wonderful gift for relatives and friends.   


The person who enjoys
the greatest freedom is the one
who is most responsible;
because he/she is responsible,
he/she is free.

 Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai

Life does not start here
when we are born, or end when we are dead.
And enlightenment is only the beginning.
The journey will continue, full of wonder
and miraculous encounters and discovery
for those who truly want to know
the miracle of life and the real love
from the universe and from your heart.

 Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai

The more good you do for the world,
the more good you will get. The more
happiness you bestow on other people,
the more happiness you will gain.

 Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai