Your Halo Is too Tight!
Your Halo Is too Tight!
Format / Paperback
Pages / 273
Dimensions / 21cm x 19cm
ISBN / 957-28245-6-2
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" When you smile, your whole being smiles too..."
~ Supreme Master Ching Hai

Supreme Master Ching Hai does not lecture sternly, but instead often edifies Her disciples with interesting stories and metaphors. Now and then She may also crack a joke to lighten the atmosphere so that people will naturally open their hearts. This book is a compilation of 104 jokes told by the Supreme Master in Chinese, English and Aulacese and is published in both English and Chinese. Exquisitely printed in color and enhanced by lively illustrations, the text comes with a CD containing original recordings of 45 of its jokes. Readers listening to the CD while studying the vivid illustrations will be completely absorbed in Master's world of humor. The joy that Her humorous narrative and heartening laughter bring to readers will no doubt be felt year after year.