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Traces of Previous Lives
“Traces of Previous Lives” is a compilation of the Supreme Master Ching Hai’s poems written while She was staying in various countries around the world before She went to the Himalayas in search of the Truth. Through Her delicate pen and vivid imagination, Supreme ..(more)
Wu Tzu Poems
"Wu Tzu Poems" reveals the spiritual journey before and after Master's renunciation. It has been recited and put into music by the poets and musicians, and widely received and admired by the ..(more)
Your Halo Is too Tight!
" When you smile, your whole being smiles too..." ~ Supreme Master Ching Hai Supreme Master Ching Hai does not lecture sternly, but instead often edifies Her disciples with interesting stories and metaphors. Now and then She may also crack a joke to lighten the atmosphere ..(more)