Of God and Humans -- Insights from Bible Stories
Of God and Humans -- Insights from Bible Stories
Format / Hardcover
Pages / 247
Dimensions / 21.5cm x 19.5 cm
ISBN / 986-81061-6-8
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 This special anthology includes thirteen Bible narratives, uniquely retold by Master on various occasions. What types of spiritual messages do Bible stories reveal to readers? In which ways are these revelations relevant to modern people's lives? In this book, the Supreme Master Ching Hai provides in-depth answers to these questions and also guides us to the ultimate road to salvation, the Quan Yin Method, which leads humankind to regain its Paradise lost.

 The Supreme Master Ching Hai said, "The first story in the Bible has given us many good points to ponder and study. It's not just a matter of fruit; it's a matter of discipline, mutual respect, cooperation and ego."

 Following the first chronicle, "Paradise Lost," are many other extraordinary Bible stories, such as those of Noah (Lecture 2), Lot (Lecture 4) and Moses (Lecture 6). These tales depict how God's children misused their free will and deviated from the cosmic design of universal love, peace and harmony, with the inevitable result being destruction.

 How can human beings avoid such natural and self-made calamities? Figures such as Abraham, Lot, Moses and Samuel's mother, Hannah, all humbly submitted themselves to God's will to the extent of giving up their worldly possessions or even their beloved children. Consequently, they received blessings that were many times more valuable than what they sacrificed.

 Through this collection we hope to share with readers Supreme Master Ching Hai's profound wisdom and wish that it serves as a reminder of God's eternal love for humanity.