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Pebbles and Gold
Foreword Pebbles and Goldis a collection of the very first poems composed by The Supreme Master Ching Hai. Many of the poems included in this collection have been obtained from relatives and friends who cherished and were able to preserve them. The poems ..(more)
Silent Tears
The new edition is written in both English and Chinese. The poetry book includes colorful illustrations to share with the readers. Silent Tears is a collection of poems written by The Supreme Master Ching Hai during Her years of hard practice in search of ..(more)
The Dream of A Butterfly
Supreme Master Ching Hai's lyrical talent shines through every one of the poems in The Dream of a Butterfly, depicting the spiritual footsteps She has taken in Her heavenly quest and beyond Her Great Awakening, and portraying Her innermost feelings about romantic love and ..(more)
The Lost Memories
The Lost Memories is a precious collection of thirty-nine romantic poems written by Supreme Master Ching Hai during the 1970s. This period of Her life was one of love and loss, joy and heartbreak, longing and satisfaction, and search and discovery. The journey on the path ..(more)
The Love of Centuries
Poems Appreciation: Shade of Time When Shall We Meet Again? Supreme Master Ching Hai's exquisite new poetry collection, titled “The Love of Centuries,” is available in the English and Aulacese now. A warm and elegantly romantic volume of ..(more)
The Old Time
As a celebrated poet, Supreme Master Ching Hai has received great acclaim from artistic communities across cultures and around the world. Poems from Her previous collections, which include The Dream of a Butterfly and The Lost Memories, have been set to exquisite music by ..(more)
Traces of Previous Lives
“Traces of Previous Lives” is a compilation of the Supreme Master Ching Hai’s poems written while She was staying in various countries around the world before She went to the Himalayas in search of the Truth. Through Her delicate pen and vivid imagination, Supreme ..(more)
Wu Tzu Poems
"Wu Tzu Poems" reveals the spiritual journey before and after Master's renunciation. It has been recited and put into music by the poets and musicians, and widely received and admired by the ..(more)