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God Takes Care Of Everything
This colorful volume contains twenty of Supreme Master Ching Hai's inspiring stories that are presented in the form of lively and amusing comic strips suitable for all ages. Each story expresses profound themes of great educational value that will touch readers' hearts and ..(more)
Master Tells Stories
The Stubborn Servants Supreme Master Ching Hai successfully blends spiritual cultivation into daily life, transcending rigid doctrines to tell spiritual stories carefully selected from diverse materials published in various languages from countries around the ..(more)
Mission on the blue water planet
The Underground of Mars
Your Halo Is too Tight!
" When you smile, your whole being smiles too..." ~ Supreme Master Ching Hai Supreme Master Ching Hai does not lecture sternly, but instead often edifies Her disciples with interesting stories and metaphors. Now and then She may also crack a joke to lighten the atmosphere ..(more)