Agreement and Privacy Policy

Welcome to The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association Publication Co., Ltd.  To protect your rights and ensure your peace of mind while using our services and information, we hereby present our agreement and Privacy Policy.


1.  Personal Information

The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association Publication Co., Ltd. (“we”) provides services (“our services”) to you when you visit .

By registering at The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association Publication Co., Ltd as a member, or starting to use our services, you indicate you have read, understood and agreed to accept the conditions of our services. We reserve the right to revise or change the policy at any time and we encourage you to keep abreast of the revisions or changes. By continuing to use the services after the revisions or changes, you indicate you have read, understood and agreed to accept all the revisions or changes.

Users under the age of 20 should only register to become a member or start to use, or continue to use our services after your parents, (or guardians) have read, understood and agreed to accept the policy and all the revisions or changes afterward.


2.  Registration

By using our services, you agree to:

—Provide accurate and current personal information required by the registration form. - Not duplicate or repeat the registration.

—Maintain and update your personal information to ensure accuracy to receive the best service.

We reserve the right to hold or terminate your account or refuse to provide partial or full service without notification if any information provided is incorrect, false, or it is not consistent with our guidelines or missing a necessary field, or you have infringed on our copyright by downloading our products without complying with the related rules.


3.  Customer information and Privacy

1)  Without the consent of the customer, except for legal reasons, we do not share with others the registered or stored information of our customers such as name, phone number, address, email address and other personal information.

2)  The customer agrees to allow us to gather, sort, store, transmit or use the registered or stored personal information for statistical purpose, providing promotional discounts, or other legal use.

3)  The customer agrees to comply with the privacy policy on our website with regards to the detailed use of the personal information and protection inherent in the internet.


4.  Registration, revision and protection of customer information

1)  The customer should ensure the completeness and accuracy of the information provided on the registration form and should not create a duplicate account and obtain more than one password. The customer must immediately update the personal information online should there be any change. The customer may not deny an order due to an inconsistency in the information. If the information provided is false, or becomes inconsistent with the original information (such as a change of email address), or if the information provided cannot be verified, we reserve the right to immediately cancel the service or the right of the customer to use our service.

2)  In the case of using duplicate personal information, false identification or if there is a suspicion of law violations, or an infringement of the name of the individual or business, trademark, or other intellectual property, or if the information provided is misleading or violates other laws, or if it is against our service principle, we reserve the right to reject the registration, or request revision afterwards, or cancel the usage right of the customer. The customer must take full legal liability of resultant civil or criminal charges.

3)  By starting to use our services, the customer is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the account and password, and must not share it with a third party or allow a third party to use it. Through the password system, we are monitoring, selecting and protecting the account within our capacity; therefore we are not responsible for any damage caused by using the same account and password of a third party to gain access to our website or services including searching, browsing or changing personal information. Such actions are deemed to be the right of the account and password holder who is ultimately responsible.


5.  Service interruption or termination

In the following cases, we reserve the right to hold or stop the service without notification.

1)  Necessary maintenance or construction of electronic communication equipment;

2)  Sudden breakdown of electronic communication equipment;

3)  Service interruption of the electronic communication system we use;

4)  Service interruption due to irresistible force such as natural disaster;

5)  Service interruption due to migration, changing, maintaining system equipment related to our website;

6)  Service interruption due to occurrence of events outside of our control;

7)  Service interruption due to other irresistible forces.


6.  Rights and Intellectual Property Right

1)  The files, software, content patent right, copyright, trademark right and other intellectual properties provided or used by our website belong to us, or the rights’ owners. Without the written consent of the owners, the users of the website may not re-produce, modify, edit, lease, re-sell, re-print, re-distribute, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or in any way exploit the material or content of our site. If violated, in addition to its own legal liability, we are entitled to claim compensation should there be any damage or loss incurred to us.

2)   All the products provided by our website (including but not limited to video files, photos, graphics, illustrations and purchased downloaded digital products) belong to The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association Publication Co., Ltd.


7.  Links to Third-party Websites

We may provide links to websites of third party individuals, companies or organizations for your convenience and information. We do not guarantee the authenticity, completeness, timeliness, or reliability of the products, services, and information provided by the websites of the individuals, companies or organizations. Such individuals, companies or organizations do not have any employment, appointment, agent, partnership or other similar relationship with us.


8.  Notification and consent regarding collecting, processing and using your personal information (“Notification and Consent”)

1) The purpose of collection

The purposes of our collecting of personal information are to perform the following business and the relevant supporting activities (including but not limited to accounts management, accounting,  statistic/research/analysis reports, IT processing and data base management), and we will collect, process and use your personal information within a necessary scope.

(1) Sale of products.

(2) Marketing.

(3) Management and service for customers.

(4) Other needs based on the contractual, quasi-contractual or other legal relationship.

(5) Other businesses in accordance with our registered business items and the Articles of association.

(6) Other needs to fulfill our legal obligation under laws and regulations.

(7) The general management of customer’s accounts depositors.


2) Classification of the personal information

The information collected by us includes, but is not limited to, personal identification, business information, etc., such as name, e-mail address, contact information, country, address, and other information which may be used to identify a natural person, both directly and indirectly. [Note: Please check]


3) Time period, area, target and method of using personal information

(1) Time period: the time period during which the purpose of collecting personal information remains valid, the time period during which such personal information is required to be stored according to the requirements of laws (e.g. Business Entity Accounting Act), contract or quasi-contract relationship, or such other period of time as necessary or required under the contractual or quasi-contractual relationship.

(2)  Area: the locations of our head office and branches.

(3)  Target: We.

(4)  Method: personal information will be used in automatic or non-automatic manners, including, but not limited to, written document, telephone, text message, electronic document, or other proper methods which satisfies the standard of the contemporary science and technology.


4) You may exercise the following rights in accordance with Article 3 of Taiwan Personal Information Protection Act

(1)  You may raise an inquiry, request a review or duplication of your personal information to us.  We are entitled to claim the necessary expenses.

(2)  You may request us to supplement or correct the personal information, but you should provide appropriate explanation.

(3)  You may request us to discontinue collecting, processing or using your personal information, and delete the personal information, except for those pursuant to laws are necessary for us to perform their duties or operate their businesses.


5) Amendment to the Notification and Consent

The scope of validity of the Notification and Consent shall extend to the later amendment published by us. You may at anytime review the amendment to the Notification and Consent published by us. Please feel free to contact us should there be any question.


9.  Modification and revision to the agreement and policy and website and its appearance

1)  We reserve the right to update, revise or delete fully or partially the agreement and, policy or our website services at any time and notify by posting an announcement on our website. The revision is effective on the date of the announcement and we will not send other notification. Therefore the users may not demand any form of compensation.

2)  If any part of the agreement or policy or service is unenforceable, the enforceability of any other part of the agreement or policy and services will not be affected and all other clauses remain in full force and effect.


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