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When Shall We Meet Again?

Originally in Aulacese: “Bao Giờ Gặp Lại?”

O Beloved, when shall we meet again
Our eternal love is moss-covered, ancient pier
In a distant lifetime we have promised each other
The moon witnessed that, but the old path’s grown-over.

O Beloved in a faraway realm
Long you still for a day of reunion by the Milky Way?
Ardent heart, beseeching the sun and moon
While soul adrift in a world of ephemeral dust.

Half of that soul is part of me, everlasting
Like empyrean stars in the vast celestial firmament
Like the great sea of eternal, azure waves
Like the planet glorious in her quintessential radiance.

O Beloved, still I yearn for a time of togetherness
As our passion waves spread in four directions.
The heart nurtures hope regardless of destiny,
Gospel songs bloom evermore on the lips.

Though night arrives, dawn ever advances
After a deep slumber, awakened from wandering dreams
To the luminous land of bliss, we shall return
Heavenly winds echoing ubiquitous ocean sounds.