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Shade of Time

Originally in Aulacese: “Khuất Nẻo Thời Gian”

You are like bird traces
Soaring high in far regions
I return as night dew
Melting into oblivion!

You are the moonlight
Shining on all paths of life
I am the morning star
Belated and fading afar!

The love of ancient has arrived
Why passion as remote as clouds in the sky
Rather meet each other in dream
Where loving word is simple
Warm and familiar hands
find each other.

Time oh time!
How is it that feelings become fragile as shadow of the night
Rather meet each other in dream
That caring old flame
That loving old poem.

You are like the Sun realm
Shining through all glory
I am like the wild orchid
Wrapped in soft fragrance!

You are like the passing boat
Ever floating away from shore
I melt with the winter rain
Forever drifting!