The Noble Wilds
The Noble Wilds
Format / Paperback
Pages / 472
ISBN-10 / 9868415233
ISBN-13 / 978-9868415232
Format / Hardcover
Pages / 472
ISBN-10 / 986841522
ISBN-13 / 978-9868415225
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To usher in the promising Golden Year 5 (2008), Supreme Master Ching Hai bestowed The Noble Wilds as a New Year gift to the world. This illustrated journal of Master’s lakeside exploration, containing pages She personally composed and photographed Herself, is a wondrous combination of poetic expression and breathtaking pictures of majestic nature and wildlife, making the book a superb piece of art!

This book reveals to the reader many insights that give a better understanding of our dear animal co-inhabitants who dwell in the greatness of nature. Their noble spirit and love is incomparable and everlasting, precisely as the Author shares in the book:    
“It is a privilege for me to be revealed this information. I did not seek to know. It just came by itself as the bond of friendship deepened between the wilds and me. Once I knew some of them, other species’ data became also available. And once we know even as little as what I know, we will never look at the animals the same way as we did before.”